Type your paragraph h  To order call: 408-225-3278.  Minimum delivery order is $13.  If you are out of the "normal" delivery area we ask for a minimum order of $20 or we will impose a 2 dollar deliver charge for small and far deliveries.  We do not charge for delivery except for small "out of area" deliveries.  Please initially state if you would like your order to be CARRYOUT or DELIVERY.  Be prepared to give the street address for delivery or if your doing a pick-up we will need the person name.  In both instances be prepared to give out a contact phone number.  Please give what ever phone number is easiest for us to reach you.  We do not not retain customer phone numbers in a system.  Its helps us and you greatly if the phone number you are calling from is not BLOCKED.  To unblock it check with your phone carrier or try *82 before dialing the store.  Please state what it is that you would like to order.  When done ordering the order processor should repeat the order back to you in order to confirm the items ordered and the total price with an estimated pick-up or delivery time.  
     The quoted delivery time is strictly just an estimated time of arrival based upon:  your location, complexity of your order,  traffic conditions, weather conditions, and also present call volume.  We do not guarantee a delivery time.  Most quoted delivery times will usually be about 35 to 45 minutes.  This does not however mean it will necessarily take this amount of time.  It is not uncommon for us to make a delivery in less than 20 minutes in such circumstances.   Our delivery area has normally has very high traffic congestion often even in the late evening.   Our drivers are expected to obey all traffic laws and safety for everyone is the highest priority.  If your delivery is well past the quoted delivery time please contact the store.
     Payments methods preferred are credit card or cash.  With credit cards have it ready and it will be processed during the phone call.  Always have the credit card used and valid identification available when the delivery driver arrives.  You will need to sign for the credit card on receipt of the delivery; and you can write in a tip for the driver at the time if you so choose.  You do not have to add the tip to the order price if you don't want to; you can just fill out the total line.  We just go by the total for the credit card slip. 
If you wish you can send us an email to:  customerservice@blossomhillfastpizza.com