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Meat Toppings:  Pepperoni, Ham(canadian bacon), Salami, Sausage, Sriracha Sausage(upgraded fee)
Languisa, Beef, Chorizo, Bacon Bits, Chicken,  Barbeque Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Anchovies, and Shrimp.

Vegetarian Toppings:  Basil, Spinach, Green Onions, Red Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives,Minced Garlic, Roasted Garlic Buds(upgrade fee), Artichoke Hearts, Banana Peppers, Pepperoncinis, Broccoli, Pineapple, JalapeƱos, Feta Cheese, Tomatoes,  and Sun-dried Tomatoes.

Sauces:  Marinara(red), Garlic Sauce(white), Pesto(green), Barbecue, Hurricane(Marinara swirled with Garlic Sauce), Tsunami(Pesto swirled with Garlic Sauce) Typhoon(Pesto swirled with Marinera), Volcano(BBQ swirled Garlic Sauce). 

(Extra sauce is available on the pizza at no charge).

#1  Pepperoni Special:  Double pepperoni with extra cheese.
#2  Chicken Garlic Supreme:  Garlic White Sauce.   Mushrooms.  Chicken.  Red Onions. Tomatoes.  Minced Garlic(Roasted Garlic Buds available for a fee. Roasted Garlic Buds takes additional time to prepare the pizza).
#3  Combination:  Salami.  Pepperoni. Mushrooms.  Black Olives.  Bell Peppers. Sausage.  Linguisa.  Beef.
#4  Supreme:  Ham. Pepperoni.  Mushrooms. Black Olives.  Bell Peppers.  Red Onions. Sausage.
#5  Vegetarian:  Mushrooms. Black Olives.  Bell Peppers.  Red Onions. Tomatoes.  (One additional topping free ie: spinach,
#6  All Meat:  Salami.  Ham. Pepperoni.  Sausage.  Linguisa. Beef.
#7 Gourmet Vegetarian:  Garlic White Sauce. Mushrooms. Artichoke Hearts.  Black Olives.  Bell Peppers. Red Onions.  Tomatoes.  Feta Cheese.
#8Artichoke  Deluxe:  Artichoke Hearts.  Black Olives.  Red Onions.  Feta Cheese. Tomatoes.  Garlic.
#9  The Italy Special:  Garlic White Sauce.  Cheese.  Pepperoni.  Mushrooms. Red Onions.   Tomatoes.  Garlic. Sausage.
#10  Tijuana:  JalapeƱo Peppers.  Bell Peppers. Red Onions.  Tomatoes.  Chorizo. (Pepperoncinis added on request).
#11  True Hawaiian:  Ham. Pineapple.  Extra Cheese.  (if you want just a ham and pineapple please state Basic Hawaiian).
#12  Pesto  Deluxe:  Pesto Sauce.  Cheese.  Mushrooms. Artichoke Hearts.   Red Onions.  Tomatoes. Garlic.
#14  BBQ  Chicken Supreme:  BBQ Chicken.  Black Olives. Bell Peppers.  Red Onions.  Tomatoes.
#15  Chicken Combination:  Pepperoni.  Mushrooms.  Chicken.  Olives.  Green Peppers.  Tomatoes.
#16  Uruguayan Supreme:  Ham.  Pepperoni.  Pineapple.  Garlic.  Green Pepper.  Onions.  Sausage.
#17  Toby's  Special:  Real Basil(not dried).  Salami.  Spinach.  Chicken.  Jalepenos.  Red Onions.  Tomatoes.
#19   Mamie's Treat:  Artichokes.  Anchovies.  Black Olives.  Green Pepper.  Red Onions.  Sausage.
#21 Shrimp and Pesto Speciality:  Pesto Sauce.  Cheese.  Mushrooms. Shrimp.  Red Onions.  Tomatoes.
#22  Shrimp and Feta Speciality:  Shrimp.  Red Onions. Tomatoes.  Feta Cheese.  Garlic.
#23 Chicken With Vegetables:  Mushrooms. Chicken.  Lemon Pepper.  Black Olives. Bell Peppers.  Red Onions.  Tomatoes.

The following pizza has an additional topping charge added to it:

#99  Alamo Vegetarian:  Mushrooms.  Spinach.  Artichokes.  Banana Peppers.  Pineapple.  Brocoli.  Black Olive.  Tomatoes.  Feta Cheese.

(All pizzas are made with marinara sauce unless otherwise stated)